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    17 September 2022 | 11:30 am
  • Duration
    60 Minutes

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Understanding the voice and its working
A free online workshop by Dr. Shyamala Vinod

The voice is an important medium of expression in most living beings. In the domain of music, vocalists solely rely on their voice to articulate music with maximum effect. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for vocalists to groom and culture their voice with a desirable quality. It also becomes equally significant for the vocalist to understand how to avoid misuse as well as abuse of the voice, which may not only affect the voice quality but also lead to the loss of voice itself.

In the context of Indian music, while the major part of the training is focused on what to sing (matter or the content), there is hardly any thought given to the manner of singing or how to sing in a healthy and efficient way.

Dr. Shyamala Vinod is a trained vocalist, and a renowned voxologist and voice culture therapist with over 35 years of experience. Her clients include reputed names from the Carnatic music industry.

This workshop is aimed at helping vocalists understand their own voice and create awareness about voice culture and voice therapy as an essential and fundamental building block in cultivating a healthy, sustainable and enabling vocal facility and technique.

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