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    Tata Theatre
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    21 April 2019 | 6:00 pm
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Multi Dance Style Presentation by Kanak Rele & Group
Bharatanatyam by V.P. Dhananjayan & Shanta Dhananjayan
(approx. 120 mins)

Kanak Rele is a world-renowned classical dance exponent as well as a scholar of Indian culture. A renowned performer, educationist, research scholar and, above all, a guru par excellence, Rele has today become a legend in her own lifetime. The President of India has described her as ‘a pioneering dance educationist and topmost Mohiniattam exponent’. She has received several awards that include the Padma Bhushan (2013), Padma Shri (1990), Sangeet Natak Akademi Ratna Award, Kalidas Samman (2006) for her contribution to Mohiniattam and a lifetime of achievement.

Mohiniattanm exponent Kanak Rele, will explore the various degrees of hasya through different characters. Rama, who is a pious figure, will smile with a little bit of teeth but always with restraint. Sita, on the other hand, might smile on a coy fashion towards her husband or when expressing her desire upon seeing the golden deer. Shurpanakha , the sister os Ravana, will essay a demonic kind of laughter. While they all have hasya in common, they are all different in their own ways.

” Haasyam Soorpanakhamukhei”

Bharatanatyam by V.P. Dhananjayan & Shanta Dhananjayan

The dancing duo, V. P. Dhananjayan & Shanta Dhananjayan, have carved a unique place in the field of Bharatanatyam. Both are trained and distinguished in the Kalakshetra Baani. They exhibit high reverence for traditionalism in their art and have become role models for the younger generation. They have received several awards including the Padma Bhushan and the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award.

A scene from Raamaayana (Tulsidas Raamayana- Hindi) – Raavana’s sister Soorpanakha encounters with Sriraama and Lakshmana in the forest.

The brothers make fun of the demoness whose amorous approach evokes laughter. The demoness gets a nose cut and ran into the woods.

Characters appearing in the scene:
Soorpanakha: V.P.Dhananjayan
SriRaama: Anand Satchidanand
Lakshmana: Satyajit C.P
Sita: Jayalakshmi Anand

Vocal: Rajesh M.K
Nattuvangam/Taalam: Shanta Dhananjayan
Mridangam & other instruments: Vedakrishnan V
Violin: Easwar Ramakrishnan
Flute: Sujith S Naik

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