NCPA Reality Check: Bachelor Girls

16 Dec 2016
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Hindi/English Film (60 mins)

In collaboration with the Indian Documentary Producers’ Association (IDPA) 

Single, independent and a woman, the words may sound new-age and progressive, but clearly make the worst combination for a woman looking for accommodation in Mumbai. It is ironic how educated women leave their homes to formulate their individual identities only to face flat owners and building societies shut their doors on them. Through a series of thought-provoking interviews, Bachelor Girls recounts stories of women who are braving the challenges of their new lives, defying stereotypes, struggling and succeeding in their work spheres, but still looking for a home to call their own. 

Directed by Shikha Makan 

Admission on a first-come-first served basis. NCPA members will get preferential seating till 6.20 pm.

Venue: Little Theatre
Friday 16 Dec
6:30 pm
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