NCPA Summer Fiesta

30 Apr - 22 May 2019
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Children’s Festival
Workshops, Performances & More
East Room 1, West Room 1
Monday, 29th April to Sunday, 22nd May

2019 we will celebrate the 10th year of the NCPA Summer Fiesta Festival! It is a community-minded festival designed to empower children by inspiring their imaginations and broadening their creative minds through exciting, interactive play. This festival continually strives to provide new and unique opportunities for the children to learn, play and be active. Local and national talent conducting the workshops at the festival show a wide array of different skills, from acting, public speaking, photography and writing.

Summer Fiesta aims to promote the benefits and values of the performing arts not just by showing children the entertainment but also by getting them involved at the lowest cost possible. Through all the workshops, Summer Fiesta allows children the opportunity to be creative, build knowledge and most importantly HAVE FUN!

We look forward to welcoming your children this year!



In 2010, the NCPA decided to initiate Summer Fiesta as a means to reach out to children and offer them an exciting way to spend their vacations. Over the years, children have enjoyed a series of plays and films picked for them, as well as a range of engaging and creativity enhancing workshops in theatre, dance, photography, puppetry, art, craft, creative writing, poetry, animation filmmaking and many others, conducted by masters in their fields. In 2019, children can choose from what is on offer at exciting workshops which will focus on diverse interests like puppetry, yoga, newspaper production, etc. ’S



Giggles & Wiggles
By Ishita Mehta

Objective: A music and movement workshop which encourages self-expression in children. The performance activities help children to use their own creativity and to work with others. The class focuses on movement, singing, rhythmic and dance

activities through the use of various props.

30th April to 5th May | 10.30 am to 11.30 am | 3 to 5 years | Fee: Rs. 3,500+18% GST


Giggles & Wiggles
by Ishita Mehta

Objective: A music and movement program through dance. The importance of dance for children is that it helps them enjoy music and rhythm, shed inhibitions and be comfortable with their bodies. Dance aims to improve coordination in children, gives them an energetic cardiovascular workout, reduces stress and most importantly allows them to have fun. Styles taught will include basic jazz, Bollywood and retro

30th April to 5th May | 12 pm to 1 pm | 5 to 8 years | Fee: Rs.3,500+18% GST O



Ms Meenal’s Photoshala!!
By Meenal Jaisswal

Objective: This workshop will teach participants to use their mobile or camera and learn to see things differently, capture them aesthetically, understand them technically and create a story board.

30th April to 5th May | 4 pm to 5 pm | 8 to 14 years | Fee: Rs.5,000+18% GST



A for Abracadabra
By Kruti Parekh

Objective: A fun magic-learning workshop to enable the participants to develop creativity, imagination and confidence through the art of magic. Dr. Kruti Parekh has a PhD in Magical Entertainment (USA). She will personally train participants on the basics of magic and teach them how to impress a crowd.

4th to 5th May | 2 pm to 4 pm | 6 to 12 years | Fee: Rs. 1,500+18%GST & Rs.600/-cash for Kit



Making News! (Little Literature Live!)
By Shabnam Minwalla

Objective: This workshop is about makingnews, newspaper production and creating one exclusively for children. Become a journalist and start reporting on duty!

30th April to 3rd May | 2 pm to 3.30 pm | 8 to 13 years | Fee: Rs 4,000+18% GST


SPIT theory workshop
by Danesh Khambata of Silly Point Productions along with Sajeel Parakh, Danesh Irani and Meherzad Patel

Objective: The workshop covers the basics of theatre and imbibes confidence in the child. The participants will learn about personality-building, stage presence and the art of speaking in front of an audience. Students will learn how to work within a team, visit the various theatres within the NCPA, learn the basics of light, sound, stage, set and overall production of a theatre performance. They will learn how to make eye contact, be energetic, enunciate, be confident, communicate better, be clear, project their voices and read a script. Each day will teach them something they can hold on to for life: enunciation, eye contact, choral recitation, Just a Minute, theatre visits, Improv theatre, monologues and script reading, listening, breathing and focus skills, clarity of speech and miming.

6th May to 17th May | 11 am to 1 pm | 12 to 18 years | Fee: Rs. 10,000+18%GST


Yogic Adventures!!
by Teenaa Bhesania

Objective: A programme to create awareness of the body through asanas (yoga postures), dance movement, breathing and relaxation. The activities will include partner work, animal poses, games, storytelling, creating awareness of different body

parts, sun salutations and improvisation. Awareness of basic anatomy and alignment of the body will be focused on along with an opportunity to bond with other kids.

6th May to 12th May | 12 pm to 1 pm | 8 to 12 years | Fee: Rs.2,500+18%GST


Puppetry Workshop
by Meena Naik

Objective: Puppetry is a great medium of communication. In this workshop, children will be taught to make puppets made out of waste material like empty plastic bottles, boxes, paper bags, old dupattas, etc. This will be followed by presentation of the same puppets in groups. The topics are given according to the participants’ interests.While presenting the puppet shows, various aspects of theatre – like voice modulation, projection, scripting, manipulation, composition, etc. – will be discussed. Participants will experience increased self-confidence and self-expression in this workshop.

6th May to 12th May | 2 pm to 4 pm | 7 to 12 years | Fee: Rs.3,500+18%GST


Little Authors Workshop
by Heartfelt Communication Team

Objective: This workshop will teach participants to learn the art of creative writing, create and build characters and explore different writing genres like fantasy, science fiction, adventure, horror, etc.Benefits include language development, vocabulary building and creative thinking. .

22nd to 26th May | 2 pm to 4 pm | 7 to 13 years | Fee: Rs.4,500+18%GST


Talklike TED Workshop
by Rima Medhi (

Objective: This workshop, inspired by TED talks, will teach participants to develop their own “big” idea, learn to script and present it powerfully, develop a powerful voice and become an inspiring speaker. The workshop will enhance creativity and imagination, help overcome stage fright, build self-confidence, etc.

22nd to 26th May | 4 pm to 6 pm | 13 to 19 years | Fee: Rs.4,500+18%GST


Junior Radio Jockey Workshop
by Rima Medhi (

Objective: This workshop will teach participants the following:

  1. Ideation and design of a Radio show
  2. Scripting for Radio
  3. Design your own “on-air” personality
  4. “Go live” in front of an audience on the final day
  5. Voice modulation and voice-delivery The workshop will build confidence, encourage creative thinking, develop imagination, hone public speaking skills and develop personality.

22nd to 26th May | 11 am to 1 pm | 7 to 13 years | Fee: Rs.4,500+18%GST22nd to 26th May | 2 pm to 4 pm | 7 to 13 years | Fee: Rs.4,500+18%GST


Age group: 3 to 19 years

For workshop registration, please contact T- 022 66223822, 9137076369/7039067878


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Venue: East Room 1, West Room 1
Age Group: 3 to 19 years
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