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Children’s Festival
Workshops, Performances & More

In 2010, the NCPA decided to initiate Summer Fiesta as a means to reach out to children and offer them an exciting way to spend their vacations. Over the years, children have enjoyed a series of plays and films picked for them, as well as a range of engaging and creativity-enhancing workshops in theatre, dance, photography, puppetry, art, craft, creative writing, poetry, animation film-making and many others, conducted by masters in their fields. In 2020, children can choose from what is on offer at exciting workshops which will focus on diverse interests like filmmaking, musical theatre, magic, among other things.

We look forward to welcoming your children this year!

Events starts from 7th May to 10th June,2018

Age group: 3 to 19 years
For workshop registration, please contact T- 022 66223822, 9137076369/7039067878
E-mail: bbhesania@ncpamumbai.com
Online Registration: www.ncpamumbai.com

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