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    11 November 2021 | 4:30 pm-5:30 pm

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An online dance outreach program for children aimed at building exposure towards the different dance forms through specially curated sessions covering various topics related to Indian folk and classical dance.

Manipuri Lecture Demonstration by Bimbavati Devi
School: Mithaghar Marg BMC School, Mumbai & Goshala BMC School, Mumbai

Telecast live on NCPA YouTube Page

Bimbavati Devi, being the daughter of renowned classical Manipuri dancers & dance exponents, Guru Bipin Singh and Guru Kalavati Devi, was initiated into the world of dance and music at a very tender age. Besides dancing, she has also undergone training in pung (Manipuri mridang) playing and the basics of Thang Ta (Manipuri martial art). As a solo and performing artiste of Manipuri Nartanalaya, one of the pioneer institutions of Manipuri dance in India founded by her parents and the well-known Jhaveri sisters, she has performed in various prestigious dance programmes and festivals of India and abroad. A classical dancer par excellence, Bimbavati is now engaged in empirical choreographies based on Manipuri dance and experimenting with new idioms that expand the vocabulary of movements, following the path shown by her father.

Please note: The video will be available for a week post the live lecture/demonstration.

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