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    4 April 2020 -
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The  Manganiyars are a community of musicians who hail from the heart of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. Traditionally, they are the keepers of patron’s genealogy, and perform at various occasions for them, who in turn provide them the sustenance. Their repertoire includes ballads, and Sufi poems written by various mystics. They also have songs for various occasions like birth, marriage, death, festivals etc. Although regarded as a folk tradition, their music is quite complex in terms of variety, instrumentation and repertoire. The Manganiyar Seduction is an internationally acclaimed audio-visual spectacle. This colourful production brings together nearly 40 talented Manganiyar musicians, both vocalists and instrumentalists, in a truly magical setting. Their folklore is unfolded with an exciting choreography of melodies that are persuasive and rhythms that are compulsive, building into a finale of breathtaking interplay of sound and light.

Please note: The videos will be available for a week post the streaming.

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