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    7 April 2020 -
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Kabir challenged all the established religious and philosophical traditions. He rejected sacred writings, rituals, pilgrimages and idolatry, and also broke down class and caste distinctions. Preaching social equality, he became a powerful symbol for self-respect among the lower classes.
Hemant Chauhan is one of the most popular folk singers from Gujarat. With a voice that resonates with the folk flavour of Central India, Chavan has a huge repertoire of folk and devotional songs of Meerabai, Kabir and Haridas.
Chauhan presents compositions of Kabir in a folk style. The songs focus on the loving devotion to an invisible and formless (nirgun) god, which resides in the heart, and can only be experienced with faith and devotion.
Please note: The videos will be available for a week post the streaming.

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