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  • Venue
    Cooperage Bandstand Garden, Fort
  • Date Time
    6 January 2024 | 6:00 pm
    6 January 2024 | 7:15 pm
  • Age Limit

Event Details

The NCPA is kicking off 2024 with another NCPA@thePark!

Join us at the iconic Cooperage Bandstand Garden in Fort on 6th and 7th January for a fantastic lineup of western classical and international music, along with spoken word and dance. The events will be open to the public free of cost on a first come first serve basis.

The first event on 6th January features Rhythmic Rendezvous with Keshia B showcasing a vibrant mix of funk, pop, R&B, and soul, creating an explosive fusion of rhythmic melodies and soulful harmonies Poetry and music by UnErase Poetry will follow. Vanika Sangtani and Amandeep Singh, accompanied by musician Abhin Joshi, will present poetry about love, hope and life.

7th January features musicians of the Symphony Orchestra of India perform in an evening of light classical music featuring waltzes, marches, polkas and more. Unwind with the music of beloved composers including Mozart, Johann Strauss, and more, as well as some popular tunes. To end the weekend, Shama Bhate`s Nadroop presents ‘Space Intrigue’ a Kathak performance inspired by the magical synergy in nature – fragrance of the earth, rustling of the trees, and myriad colours of the flora & fauna.

See you at the park!


Rhythmic Rendezvous with Keshia B – 6th January ‘24 – 06:00pm

Keshia B – Vocals
Royce Fernandes – Lead Guitar
Pooja Mazoomdar – Bass
Aditya Jayakar – Keys
Ian Enthiado – Drums

Join us for an electrifying musical journey as the incredibly talented Keshia B takes centre stage in an unforgettable performance that transcends genres. Get ready for an exhilarating evening as Keshia B showcases a vibrant mix of funk, pop, R&B, and soul, creating an explosive fusion of rhythmic melodies and soulful harmonies.

Throughout the show, Keshia B will pay homage to the iconic artists and musical legends who have profoundly influenced her own unique style of singing. From the timeless classics that have shaped her musical identity to the contemporary hits that resonate with her soul, Keshia B will mesmerize the audience with a repertoire that celebrates the diversity and evolution of music.

Experience the infectious energy and sheer joy as Keshia B immerses herself in each song, infusing it with her signature flair and vocal prowess. Her dynamic stage presence and magnetic personality will captivate and uplift, ensuring an evening of pure musical delight and entertainment.

Prepare to groove to the rhythmic beats, feel the soul-stirring ballads, and bask in the infectious enthusiasm of Keshia B`s performance. This is not just a concert; it`s a celebration of musical artistry, a testament to the power of music to unite, inspire, and transcend boundaries. Join us for an extraordinary musical odyssey, guided by the incredible talent of Keshia B.


UnErase Poetry – 6th January ‘24 – 07:15 pm

UnErase Poetry brings to you an evening of poetry and music to make you feel warm on this winter evening. Poets Vanika Sangtani and Amandeep Singh will be accompanied by musician Abhin Joshi and their poems about love, hope and life will hold your hand.


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