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    8 March 2018 -


Folk Dance Training for School Children

Annual Performances by Students

An NCPA Presentation

Nrityaparichay is a CSR initiative of the NCPA that imparts folk dance training to underprivileged children through well-known experts. Apart from the training, students are also provided with a rich understanding of the traditions and customs of the dance form’s place of origin. The programme also encompasses visits to the NCPA to watch dance performances by renowned artistes and provide necessary exposure in terms of technicality in relation to dance. A total of three dance forms, including a martial art form, are taught in a period of one year, culminating with a stage performance by the students at the NCPA. With two successful programmes last year, the NCPA currently has projects running across six schools in Mumbai supported by leading companies.


Supported by Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

In their second year of training, 80 students from Green Lawns English High School, Powai, will present four dance forms. Level 2 of the Manipuri traditional dances will be presented, namely manjira nartan, a dance with cymbals in the tradition of devotional singing and dancing in praise of Radha and Krishna; and khubak ishei, a festival dance performed during the month of Ashadh as a part of Rath Yatra that involves jumps and claps and is more fast-paced compared to traditional Manipuri dance. They will also showcase the second level of kalaripayattu. The group has also learnt the basics of adivasi pawara, a tribal dance form performed by the Adivasi tribe from Dhule during marriage processions; and bhangra from Punjab.


Admissions on a first-come-first served basis.

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