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Performative Book Readings & Discussions
“Coins in Rivers”

An NCPA Library Presentation

Coins in Rivers, the latest book of poetry by award-winning poet, author and screenwriter Rochelle Potkar, published by Hachette India, will be read aloud at the latest edition of Page to Stage. Conceptualised by Sonu Anand, the reading will feature Seerat Mast, Richa Shula, Rutuja Awaghad Patil and Mudit Singhal.

Join us as they present poetry on a variety of subjects—how an anthill is the biggest gift in love, the secret pervert habits of Harry Mendonsa discovered only during his funeral, the staccato living of a POW, a new world order after the dispersion of knowledge into the nine gems of infinity, how a country and its journalist might be star-crossed lovers and the way water flows in an ice factory or over a bedrock or in a glass of spirit.

If English were only packaged in proper ways, Potkar’s poems like “Bedding Day” and “Litter of Applicasun to eschool Principl” take the goli and give it too . Her poems vividly depict love, grief, anger and defiance as they glimmer like coins beneath the water’s surface, tethered with the weight of wishes. As sensuous as it is articulate, Coins in Rivers is a deep meditation on womanhood, motherhood and citizenship.

Critic Kabir Deb (Outlook) has said this book documents several layers of the human condition and the quotients associated with them. According to critic and academician Shafey Kidwai, Potkar’s poems are replete with anecdotes that conjure awe and despair simultaneously.

After the reading, award-winning writer, educator and psychologist Scherezade Siobha will be in conversation with Potkar which will segue into an interaction with you in the audience.

Entry free on a first-come-first-served basis.

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