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  • Venue
    Experimental Theatre
  • Date Time
    20 April 2017 | 7:00 pm
  • Member Price
    Rs.360 & 270/-
  • Non Member Price
    Rs.400 & 300/-

Event Details

By Dakshina Vaidyanathan, Himanshu Shrivastava & Arupa Lahiry
Conceptualised by Usha R. K.
Experimental Theatre
Thursday, 20th – 7.00 pm

Patra Vivartana is a presentation conceptualised by art consultant, Usha R. K. Three characters from Indian mythologies that experienced a transformation will be showcased in this performance. Bharatanatyam exponent Dakshina Vaidyanathan will play the role of Soorpanakha, who tricks Ravana to fight Lord Rama, in order to avenge her husband’s death who was killed by her own brother. Himanshu Shrivastava, disciple of Saroja Vaidyanathan, will portray the role of Shikhandi who transforms twice – once physically, while receiving manliness from Yaksha and the other mentally while receiving Krishna’s guidance in the battlefield. The character of Ahalya, will be played by notable Bharatanatyam danseuse, Arupa Lahiry. Ahalya on her husband’s curse, freezes like a stone and transforms back to life with the touch of Lord Rama.

Rs.360 & 270/- (Members)
Rs.400 & 300/- (Public)

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