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    16 April 2023 | 7:00 pm
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    Rs.450, 405 & 360/-
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    Rs.500, 450 & 400/-
  • Duration
    2 Hour 15 Minutes +10 minute interval 

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Language: Hindi

The play is based on Henrik Ibsen’s highly acclaimed play “Ghosts” which was first staged in 1881 and caused quite a stir. Equally powerful adaptation by ILA Arun shows deep anguish of the women suppressed in the name of honour or family traditions. In this case the ex-rani of an erstwhile ruler many of them still living on their past feudal glories, clutching on to old traditions and decrepit lifestyles.

This is the story of the family of the late Maharaja Kunwar Viraj Bhanu Pratap Singh, whose death is shrouded in mystery, talked of in whispers and hidden in the inscrutable eyes of his widow, Yashodhara Baisaheb. The play focuses on how these out-dated traditions and their repercussions come back to haunt future generations as ghosts of the past, preventing them from breaking away from these shackles perpetuated by their ancestors.

Production: ‘Surnai Theatre and Folk Arts Foundation’
Written by: Ila Arun
Directed by: KK Raina
Cast: Ila Arun, KK Raina, Vijay Kashyap, Param Singh, Priyamvada Kant
Produced by: ‘Antardhwani Productions’


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