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    13 September 2021 | 12:00 am

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Prelude is an introductory music education programme by the Symphony Orchestra of India. Designed for children ages five to seven, this programme aims to build a strong foundational knowledge of music, the first note on their musical journey. This is a 10-week online programme, with sessions conducted thrice a week for thirty minutes each.

Children will learn to play the recorder, with two lessons a week on the instrument, allowing them to tap into their creativity in a fun and engaging way. The third lesson will focus on music theory, history and music appreciation, giving the children a deeper understanding of music. The teachers of the programme are all professional musicians who are members of the Symphony Orchestra of India.

Why the recorder?
• The recorder has been a staple of elementary music education for many years. As the instrument is small in size, and inexpensive, it is easily accessible and can be played at a young age.
• Playing the recorder develops the ear, by connecting what is written to what they hear.
• The use of fingers on both hands, and coordination of fingers and breath, helps develop coordination, fine motor skills and finger placement, which is important to play any musical instrument.

In this course, the children will:
• Develop an understanding of the fundamentals of music
• Play scales and simple melodies on the recorder
• Learn basic reading of western music notation and rhythmic patterns
• Learn to identify notes through solfeggio
• Learn about some iconic composers of western classical music

All sessions will be conducted over Zoom. Recorder lessons will have two children in a group; music appreciation lessons will have four children in a group.
This is an interactive programme and active participation by the student is necessary. An adult should be present with the child for the duration of the class.

Programme duration: 10 weeks, with three 30-minute lessons each week
Programme fees: Rs. 15,000/- for 30 sessions (including 18% GST)
Participants will need to purchase a recorder for the programme. The model used for the lessons is the Yamaha YRS-24B Recorder, which can be found by clicking here.

Batches starting September 13, 2021. Please register by August 15, 2021.
Limited seats available.

To register, please click here.
After registration, you will be contacted for a short interview with your child. Admission into the programme will be determined following the interview.

For any queries, please write to

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