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An NCPA Off-Stage Presentation

Abracadabra – the magician chants and swooshes his silver-tipped wand before an empty cabinet. A dash of smoke, some sparks and cymbals clang and his lovely assistant appears in the vacant doorway. Magic or sleight of hand? 

Be it a wizard in a top hat on a grand stage or day changing to night and back to day; be it a coin hiding behind the ear or flowers blooming in the middle of nowhere… there is magic all around us. The question is, do we have the wide-eyed wonder to spot it? 

In Chapter XIII, Readings in the Shed brings stories with a doze of magic. Some stories will bring enchantments from the other world. Others will uncover the mystical in the reality we inhabit. Join us for a magical evening of storytelling.

Performed by Sheena Khalid
Creative Editor: Himali Kothari
Directed by Nikhil Katara


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