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PLEASE NOTE:- All programmes at the NCPA scheduled for February 21 and onwards have been postponed until further notice. We regret the inconvenience caused. Refund for all tickets issued will be duly processed.


Documentary Film Screening
An NCPA Presentation in collaboration with Cinema Collective

This year, NCPA revives the Reality Check film series, which was started in 2014, to promote and encourage documentary filmmakers in India, whose work reflects life and culture in the country today in a provocative blend of creativity and integrity.

Displacement & Resilience: women live for a new day
Film in Arabic, Hindi, English, Tagalog and a few other languages
Subtitled in English (60 mins)

This will be a Mumbai Premiere of the film

Displacement & Resilience: women live for a new day engages viewers with the experiences of women refugees. This documentary was conceived of as a collaboration of women directors based in different countries by its producers, the International Association of Women in Radio and Television or IAWRT, a global organisation of professional women working in media.

The subject was proposed by Chandita Mukherjee, who helmed the production as Executive Producer for the IAWRT. Six collaborating women directors contributed stories about conflict, migration and the experience of exile: Erika Rae Cruz, on displaced indigenous people in Philippines; Archana Kapoor & Chandita Mukherjee on Rohingyas from Myanmar in India; Afrah Shafiq on Tibetans in India; Khedija Lemkecher on Syrians in Tunisia; and Eva Anandi Brownstein on Syrians in Canada.

Their stories have been woven together to create a multi-layered viewing experience on the global refugee crisis. Combining principal photography with interviews, archival footage, graphics and mixed media, the film presents an overview of particular issues bringing out similarities in the lives of women refugees, exiled and displaced for a variety of reasons.

The film screenings will be followed by a post film discussion.


Admission on a first-come-first-served basis.  NCPA Members will get preferential seating till 6.50 pm.

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