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  • Venue
    Experimental Theatre
  • Date Time
    12 February 2023 | 3:30 pm
    12 February 2023 | 5:30 pm
  • Age Limit
  • Member Price
    Rs.450 & 360/-
  • Non Member Price
    Rs.500 & 400/-
  • Duration
    60 Minutes

Event Details

Presented by The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust

Design & Direction: Dadi D Pudumjee
Music: Sandeep Pillai
Script: Shaaz Ahmed
Actors: Mohit Mukherjee &T Joshua Chin
Puppeteers: Vivek Kumar, Umang Gupta & Kumari Yadav
Dancers: Shamsul & Narayan Sharma
Choreography: Hrishikesh Pawar, Shamsul & Narayan Sharma
Costumes Designed and made by: Gunjan Arora & Rahul Jain
Animation Design: Shaaz Ahmed
Light Design: Pawan Waghmare
Digital Production: Inderjit Singh, Prateek Kushwaha, Sreeram Jayram, Rishab Jain, Harshul Grover, Nanki Ghuman, Nandani Sharma, Amartya Chakraborty, Devan Das, Gagan Narhe & Aarti Uberoi
Puppets and Props: made by the Ishara Team.


Rumiyana is a multimedia musical puppet theatre performance based on Mevlana Rumi’s work, Masnavi, whose influence transcends national borders and unites people of all races, nationality, gender across the globe, owing to the universality of his thoughts.

Enacted by two performers, the master and the student, the performance is synergised with dancers, puppeteers and visual theatre with specially composed music.

The dialogue of the story which is narrated on the threshold of a door unfolds a journey within, to unravel the path outside. Four stories emerge out of a single narrative to tell a tale of seeking and receiving, from being the light to spreading light to shining bright—the unity of vision.

The presentation, which includes animations and projections, explores the concept of pluralism and the unity of all existence as one. It uses metaphors of soul, body and shadow to realise the idea of the true self. It promotes unity, love and peace by the celebration of diversity, for there are, as many ways as there are seekers.

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