29 Sep 2019
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English/Hindi Play (60 mins)

An NCPA Presentation

A boy steals a purse from a lady but the shadow of the boy does not walk with him as he does not like stealing. So the shadow goes to the shadow castle where all his shadow friends play together. At the end, the boy realises that stealing is not good and always follows the good path.

Written & Directed by Thantika Taphadit
Adapted by Phulmani Varma & Heeba Shah
Directed by Heeba Shah 
Cast: Vivaan Shah, Vedika Sai, Neelmegh Birthare, Yuvraj, Ankit & Raju Mukhiya

An Alchemy Theatre Group Production


Box Office now open.

Venue: Godrej Dance Theatre
Price: Member: ₹360/-
Non-Member: ₹400/-
Age Group: 3+
Sunday 29 Sep
12:00 pm
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