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Short Film Screenings    

An NCPA Presentation in collaboration with White Wall Screenings 

There are so many wonderful short films being made in India, with auteurs at work in their own regions, and bold, new voices who are experimenting with form and technique. Short Film Corner hopes to connect movie lovers with these films and open a dialogue with filmmakers, who in turn, get a chance to connect with their audiences.

Naam (Identity)
Hindi Film (23 mins)
In a multicultural neighborhood, a security guard extends a helping hand to a financially struggling Muslim woman. He facilitates her employment as domestic help in a Hindu household, under the alias Pooja. Pooja’s new workplace is the home of a young married couple who found themselves unexpectedly six months pregnant. As time goes by, a genuine bond is formed between the mistress and Pooja. They trust each other implicitly and often share their personal pregnancy experiences, forging a deep connection. But will this strong bond survive a significant misunderstanding?

Directed by Suraj Gunjal 

Out of Context
Hindi-English Film (24 mins) 

Megh, a young migrant writer confronts his own vulnerabilities when he feels violated by a stranger in the big city. By delving into the themes of urban alienation and justice, the film examines the relationship of the predator and prey, when removed from their respective contexts.

Directed by Malhar Salil

The Golden Egg
Hindi Film (17 mins) 

Saumya, whose ovaries are not able to produce eggs, finally, after two years of struggle, conceives through IVF. However, two weeks after she conceives, she finds out that the doting husband is having an extramarital affair with a Bangladeshi migrant. Set against the backdrop of the extremely rampant IVF scam in India, the film exposes the dark underbelly of a system where countless egg donation centres exploit the emotions and desperation of hopeful parents.

Directed by Gaurav Mehra 


Admission on a first-come-first-served basis. NCPA Members will get preferential seating till 6.20 pm.  

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