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Short Film Screenings

An NCPA Presentation in collaboration with White Wall Screenings

There are so many wonderful short films being made in India, with auteurs at work in their own regions, and bold, new voices who are experimenting with form and technique. Short Film Corner hopes to connect movie lovers with these films and open up dialogue with filmmakers, who in turn, get a chance to connect with their audiences. White Wall Screenings (WWS) was founded in 2017 as a community to facilitate a conversation between short filmmakers and film connoisseurs. WWS has successfully showcased more than 300 short films and also continues to conduct workshops, masterclasses and conversations around filmmaking and films.

Pravaasi – the migrant
Hindi Animation Film with English Subtitles

Pravaasi – the migrant is an ode to the migrants that the state has forgotten. The severe pandemic lockdown brought with it immense police brutality and caused havoc in the lives of 120 million daily-wage workers across the country. Without any government assistance, the dismayed migrants, including pregnant women and young children, began walking thousands of miles towards their villages and towns. Walking for days with no money and food, some made it, others died along the way.

This film is a chronicle of those tragic events, a collective failure of the nation, the administration and its citizens to help their own people. This series of indelible images of the nation’s largest man-made crisis is something that we shouldn’t ever forget.

Special thanks: Taapsee Pannu for lending her voice and support
Written & directed by Kireet Khurana
Animation Direction: Vivekananda Roy Ghatak
Sound Design: Farhad K. Dadyburjor

Hindi Animation Film with Subtitles

The cries of migrant workers who were left to fend for themselves during the severe pandemic lockdown with no money or support from their employers and the government are a painful reminder of a collective apathy that led to more than 120 million migrants walking endless miles, in the hope of reaching their villages on foot. Many lost their lives in the journey. Safar is their plea and questions that haunt them till today.

Voice: Taapsee Pannu
Directed by Kireet Khurana
Words: Anshu Gupta
Animation Direction: Srijoni Bardhan, Paperboat Design Studios
Produced by Climb Media
Sound Design: Manu Rajeev
Executive Producer: Gurmeet Gulati
Associate Director: Shivangi Mittal

What is your Brown Number?
English, Tamil, Hindi Animation Film

In India, everyone wants to be light-skinned. There is a sense of idealism and beauty associated with fair skin, while dark skin is treated as a problem. This film addresses this pertinent issue.

Film by Vinnie Ann Bose
Creative Director: Suresh Eriyat
Executive Producer: Nilima Eriyat
Guide: Dhiman Sengupta
Music Director: Rajat Dholakia
Music Arrangement: Jolly Jose
Sound: John Chittilapilly, Pulz Studio
Voice Over: Sonia Nair, Soman Nair, Saattvic, Ram Menon, Adithya Antony Mathew & Alpesh Singh Jadeja

Tokri (The Basket)
Animation Film

A clumsy accident leads a young girl onto the streets of Mumbai in the hope of making things right. Tokri is a gentle and touching father-daughter story depicted in exquisite stop-motion from Indian animation mainstay, Studio Eeksaurus.

Story & Direction: Suresh Eriyat
Producer: Nilima Eriyat
Director of Photography: Srinivas Reddy
Music Director: Rajat Dholakia
Sound Design: Jayesh Dhakan
Storyboard: Suresh Eriyat, Ritvik Roy, Mukund Bhalegare & Arun Rane
Character Design: Nikhil Joshi, Mukund Bhalegare, Arun Rane, Amey Dhamnaskar & Pravin Kadam
Animation: Mukund Bhalegare, Adam Wyrwas, Sanjay Patkar & Swati Agarwal
Art Direction: Sandeep Meher, Krishna Kedar, Sandeep Shelar, Ashok Lokare & Bhaskar Shindey

Live-Action/Animation Film

Daud is the story of a young boy who has grown up alone. His earliest memory is of his father rising early every day in preparation to climb an impossible mountain. Every day his father would run, and he would run with him. The first day that he decided not to go, was the last day he ever saw his father. With the memory of his hero still vivid in his mind, the son sets out to finish what his father started.

Written & directed by Nihar Palwe
Creative Producers: Karan Nagwekar & Shubham Sanap
Starring: Anud Singh Dhaka
Narration: Prit Kamani
Original Music: Adith Anande
Animation: Arindam K Duttaa
Sound Design: Pranav Shukla
VFX: Amit Housilal Malviya
VFX Studio: Visual Birds Studio
Animation Team: Addayta Biswas & Kratika Sunkar

The film screenings will be followed by a discussion.

Admission on a first-come-first-served basis. NCPA Members will get preferential seating till 6:20 pm.



  • Checking of body temperature with non-invasive apparatus at entry point  
  • ‘Fully vaccinated’ certificate to be shown at entry point
  • Wearing of mask is mandatory
  • Proper social distancing to be maintained at all times

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