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  • Venue
    Experimental Theatre
  • Date Time
    2 September 2023 | 6:30 pm
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    Rs.180 & 135/-
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    Rs.200 & 150/-

Event Details

Exploring the divine trinity: Krishna, Radha and Meera
by Deepika Bhide Bhagwat & group

An NCPA Presentation

Supported by Rukmani & Kishan Daiya Foundation

Indian music has a substantial repertoire that has poetic content based on the amorous exploits of Krishna, the cowherd of Brindavan. Several compositions are also dedicated to devotional and philosophical thoughts associated with his divine love.

With Janmashtami just a few days away, we present a musical event celebrating the legend of Krishna, “the dark one”, through the voices of Radha and Meera, his two ardent devotees belonging to two different eras. Radha was his contemporary and her devotional outpourings therefore seem real, earnest and heartfelt. Whereas, for Meera, he dwelt in her imagination and forever remained a distant dream.

Deepika Bhide Bhagwat has had the privilege of training with several accomplished vocalists including Madhukar Joshi and Dhondutai Kulkarni. At present, she is under the tutelage of Dr. Ashwini Bhide Deshpande and Shubha Joshi for khayal and semi-classical music respectively. Endowed with a mellifluous voice ranging three octaves, her musical expressions seem aptly suited for several genres from khayal and thumri to hori and bhajan.

Interspersed with pertinent comments, this presentation will feature various musical forms like thumri, dadra, kajri and bhajan, exploring some common threads as well as distinguishing traits in the artistic/poetic creations that voice the outpourings of Radha and Meera.


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