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    12 July 2018 -


In association with the Consulate General of the Republic of Singapore, Mumbai



In English, Mandarin & Hokkien with English Subtitles (106 mins/2007)

Wednesday, 11th – 6.00 pm & Thursday, 12th – 7.30 pm

881 is a 2007 Singaporean musical, based on the Singapore Getai scene. Little Papaya and Big Papaya grow up idolising Chen Jin Lang, the King of Hokkien Getai, and dream of becoming Getai singers themselves. Their heart-wrenching story is related by their introspective but highly sensitive friend and driver, Guan Yin.

Written & Directed by Royston Tan


My Magic

In English & Tamil with English Subtitles (75 mins/2008)

Wednesday, 11th – 8.00 pm &

Thursday, 12th – 6.00 pm

Francis is a man at the end of his tether. The former magician often takes solace in the bottle and barely ekes a living as a cleaner in a nightclub. He has a ten-year-old son he desperately loves, but sorrow, guilt and constant inebriation have made him an ineffectual father. A broken spirit and a single parent, Francis hopes to redeem himself and win his son’s love and respect. He makes a painful – and bizarre – return to magic. An unexpected incident one night sets father and son on the road.

Directed by Eric Khoo


Admission on a first-come-first-served basis.

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