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Sita – Mortal Life, Immortal Woman
Bharatanatyam by Guru G.V. Ramani Natya Kala Foundation 
Yoga in Dance
Odissi by Rudrakshya Foundation (approx. 120 mins)

An NCPA Presentation


Sita – Mortal Life, Immortal Woman

Sita, a woman immortalised by her stoic courage and ownership of choice, a woman who established herself as an equal of Uttamapurusha Shri Ram. Senior disciples of Gayatri Subramanian, Bharatanatyam exponent and creative director of Guru G. V. Ramani Natya Kala Foundation, will present the story of Sita, depicting her journey from a playful girl to becoming the wife of Rama, to being an assertive young woman who accompanies her husband to the forest, to being the ideal wife who rejects Ravana’s advances and even gives the agni pareeksha, and finally the courageous woman who chooses to prove her purity by renouncing her mortal form and returning to mother earth.


Yoga in Dance

One of the finest centres for culture and art in India, the Rudrakshya Foundation will present Yoga in Dance. Classical Indian dance has traditionally been viewed as a form of yoga. It shares with all forms of yoga the ultimate goal of moksha for both performers and audience. A mangalacharan (invocation to a deity) shares the passionate devotion which is the essence of Bhakti yoga. If an aspect of Hatha yoga is mastery of the physical body and coordination, then a pallavi (‘flowering’ or elaboration of form and rhythm) can be seen as a highly advanced form of this yoga. The complex sequencing of any dance requires the intense mental focus of Raja yoga. And abhinaya (acting or storytelling), utilising the navarasa (nine emotional flavors), allows the audience to experience the transformation of internal chemistry, which is essential in both yoga and ayurveda.


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