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English Play

Inspired by the character of Chitra from Tagore’s Chitra (and “Chitra” from the Mahabarata), Chitra and Chaitali have a lot in common and are yet alter-egos of each other. Both are young professionals dating men who haven’t committed. This is the cause of their individual and comic angst. Over a succession of four Sundays, they meet and share the quirks, tribulations and inanities of the men in their lives. Chitra is sleek, square-jawed, athletic, bold, outspoken and free-spirited, whereas Chaitali is feminine, lithe, meek and systematic. Each woman wishes she could be more like the other. Against a backdrop of Chitra and Arjun’s classic tale, these women unfold their 2017 lives with a surprise twist.

Written & Directed by Isheeta Ganguly

Music by Pritam

Cast: Shivani Kapur, Chriss Ann Perreira, Barbie Chakrabarty &Abhishek Chauhan 

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