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Featuring Lara Dutta & Mahesh Bhupathi hosted by Brian Tellis

Hosted by industry veteran Brian Tellis, this special edition of ‘Tellis Like It Is’ is an integral part of the NCPA ADD ART Festival. Through his distinct conversations, he peels the layers behind the resilient personalities of his guests and understands their stories of hardships, hard work, passion, perseverance, conviction and how they continue to inspire and motivate themselves every day.

For the special edition, his guests are none other than the talented actor and Miss Universe, Lara Dutta, and her husband, Indian tennis stalwart, Mahesh Bhupathi. In the cases of both the guests, Brian explores the stories and contributions in their respective fields, that go way beyond the apparent ones.

The guests will also delve with Brian, further into the exploration of the true impact of art in their lives that inspires them and share their own myriad responses to different kinds of art that they’ve been touched by over the years.

The audiences as well as listeners get to love but also learn a great deal from their anecdotes and experiences. And a bit of insight into how Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi harness their art and their skills to create absolute magic – be it on the screen or on the court.

Admission on a first-come-first-served basis.

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