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  • Date Time
    16 January 2021 | 3:30 pm-5:00 pm
  • Duration
    60 min followed by Q-A session

Event Details

An online workshop for performing artistes by Gaurav Chopra

Supported by HSBC

We are aware that adequate knowledge about the PA system and sound recording is essential to a performing artiste. Besides this, the current pandemic seems to have thrown an additional challenge of having to understand the digital space as well. For performing artistes, the demands of technology can be quite challenging, and at times, even frustrating.

This demonstrative workshop is aimed at simplifying the art of live streaming for singers and musicians, and prepare them to engage in home production. The session will deal with several issues: how to use the microphone to full advantage, which accessories to choose, which is the best signal flow path for broadcast, what is the best medium to live stream or record, how to create a captivating atmosphere during performance etc. Further, the session will also include discussion on the innovative methods of performance with other artistes, especially under the current constraints.

Gaurav Chopra’s expertise encompasses both sides of the microphone. Having trained in Hindustani music, he is an accomplished ghazal and bhajan singer. He is also an award-winning sound engineer and acoustician with a vast experience in sound design for live events, commercials and parallel cinema.


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