The Waiting Rooms

12 Aug 2018
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Gujarati Play (120 mins)

An NCPA Presentation

It is a story of people who are at the crossroads of life, waiting for that one twist of fate, that one pull, which can catapult them from the rut, from the monotony of life. But instead, they all come face-to-face, with their own reflections, to find a stark reality. Eventually, a drastic turn of events takes place that leaves everyone numb. But the best part is: everything happens in a light-hearted way.

Written by Prayag Dave & Dhiraj Palshetkar
Directed by Dhiraj Palshetkar
Cast: Bhamini Ghandhi, Rinku Patel, Niyati Dave & Pooja Damania

A Phoenix Production Company



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Venue: Experimental Theatre
Price: Member: ₹450 & 405/-
Non-Member: ₹500 & 450/-
Sunday 12 Aug
7:00 pm
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