Time Wise

28 Jul 2018
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An NCPA Presentation

Born out of conversations, jam sessions and the yen to be the change we want to see on the Ahmedabad music scene, Time Wise brings together musicians who speak several different 'languages', from the idioms of jazz and blues, to Hindustani classical music. Everything we have heard, and everything we play, feeds into the new lexicon we're inching towards devising together. Our musical preoccupations are manifold, and our originals span the width of jazz, ranging from the traditional to the more exploratory.

Ranging from swing in the form of canonical pieces like Take Five and Cocktails for Two to the more rhythmically quirky originals such as In A Thread and Fits, our set hopes to leave the audience with more questions than answers about the shape of things to come.  

We invite you to walk with us a while: this is what our lives sound like.


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Venue: Experimental Theatre
Price: Member: Rs 500/-
Non-Member: Rs 500/-
Saturday 28 Jul
7:00 pm
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