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    25 November 2017 -


Training Sessions in Dhrupad

Conducted by Umakant & Ramakant Gundecha

Supported by their Disciples

In collaboration with Dhrupad Sansthan Bhopal Nyas


Dhrupad is the oldest surviving genre of Hindustani music. The tradition is reputed for following special training methods to groom facets such as voice, breath control, pitch control and systematic delineation of composition. We offer a special opportunity to train with the internationally renowned exponents of this art form, Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha, and their senior disciples.

Each session of two hours will cover:

  1. Science of swara and raga
  2. Voice culture training for raga music
  3. Music and Yoga – Nadayoga in dhrupad
  4. Dhrupad compositions
  5. Study of laya and tala


Separate batches are available for male and female students.

In addition, a special batch will be available to learn dhrupad compositions.

The sessions will be conducted every month to maintain continuity.


Enrolment fee: Rs.1,000/- (Plus GST) for one session of 2 hours

A limited number of registrations will be accepted. For enquiries and registrations, call 66223813 or email

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