Treasure Island

20 May 2018
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English Musical (70 mins)

Young Jim Hawkins joins an oddly mixed crew aboard a ship, the HMS Hispanola, in a hazardous pursuit of lost treasure. The conflict between good and evil mounts and Jim courageously faces danger as he learns that evil may well masquerade as good. During his adventure Jim matures from boy to man, helped along by all the famous Stevenson characters – the good Doctor Livesey, the comical Trelawney, the sinister Blind Pew, the marooned Ben Gunn, the infamous Long John Silver, and a colourful crew of buccaneers.

Written by Robert Louis Stevenson Directed by Vikash Khurana
Cast:  Amol Wakhare, Leo Leonard,
Nitish Chandra, Sonal Trivedi-Malkan, Onkar Ghare & others


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Venue: Godrej Dance Theatre
Price: Member: ₹ 450/-
Non-Member: ₹ 500/-
Age Group: 10 +
Sunday 20 May
12:00 pm
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