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  • Venue
    Experimental Theatre
  • Date Time
    26 November 2022 | 7:00 pm
  • Age Limit
  • Member Price
    Rs.630 & 450/- (Plus GST)
  • Non Member Price
    Rs.700 & 500/- (Plus GST)
  • Duration
    50 Minutes

Event Details

English and Punjabi Play

An NCPA Presentation in collaboration with The Company

This solo performance by Vansh Bhardwaj follows the experiences of an everyday person chronicling the ‘otherness’ present in life and exploring ways of expressing it. The stories are devised yet acknowledge real events, family histories and personal experiences. This is a work of ‘fraction’—a mixture of fact and fiction. To cry together, laugh together and tell stories of hope, no matter how savage the situation may be. Episode upon episode explores the politics of water, of the body, of food and of gender. The reference for these stories is partly devised and partly taken from existing texts. Poems, memories, references, and fragments of the text make this performance a collage of experiences, ideas and images.

Directed by Neelam Mansingh Chowdhry

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