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    20 January 2018 -


Disciples of exponent Bimbavati Devi, Arpita Saha and Mousam Nandi will be presenting Gurave Namah. This is a humble tribute to the legendary maestro, Guru Bipin Singh, the path finder of Manipuri dance on his birth centenary. This is an offering to the infinite. He has lit the lamp and it is our duty to keep it burning in our own ways, walk along the path shown by him and try to expand it according to our sensibilities.


Items –

  1. Prabandha Nartan – This item commences with an invocation of Lord Krishna, our paramatma. It then describes the beauty of Lord Krishna. A prabandha is a rich musical composition comprising the musical elements. They are pada – poem, pata – syllables of the drum, tala – time measure, swara – the 7 musical notes sung in a particular melody, tenaka – auspicious notes, viruda – appreciation of the poet who composed the poem. This particular prabandha is based on the lasya the graceful feminine style and tandava, the forceful tandava style if Manipuri dance. It is based on tal tewra of 7 beats, tal tanchep of 4 beats, tal menkoop of 6 beats and tal Choutal of 12 beats. Dance aand music composition – Guru Bipin Singh. Dancers – Arpita Saha and Mousam Nandi.
  2. Krishna Roop Varnan – This particular item describes the grace and beauty of Lord Krishna. It is composed on Tal Kankan of 11 beats, tal Tanchep of 4 beats. Original composition – Guru Bipin Singh, rechoreographed by Bimbavati Devi. Dancer – Arpita Saha. 
  3. Tanum – It is equivalent to South Indian Tillana and North Indian Tarana. Tanum is traditionally sung in Natasankirtana (the traditional community prayers accompanied by dance and music) in Manipur. The movements of this dance are inspired by the dignified and poised movements of Kartal cholom, the dance with the big cymbals, which is an essential part of Natasankirtana. It is based on tal Rajmel of 7 beats and Tal Tanchep of 4 beats. Dance composed by Guru Bipin Singh. Dancer – Mousam Nandi
  4. Kaliya Daman – This dance is based on the popular tale from Lord Krishna’s life. Lord Krishna had subjugated the venomous snake, Kaliya, who had infested the waters of river Yamuna. It is based on Tal Saptatal of 20 beats. Dance and music composition – Guru Bipin Singh. 
  5. Vasanta Prabandha – This item is based on the lyrics of Kavi Jayadeva and other devotional Vaishnavite poets. It describes the flora and fauna of Vrindavan during the spring season. The talas that have been used are Tal Surphak of 10 beats, Tal Menkup of 6 beats and Tal Choutal of 12 beats. Dance and music composition – Guru Smt. Kalavati Devi
  6. Shiva Vandana – This item is based on an excerpt of Shiva Panchaksharam stotra. It is an invocation of Lord Shiva. Dance composed by Bimbavati Devi. 


Free Entry. Admission on a first-come first-served basis.

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