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Dad-Child Festival

An NCPA & Grooming Babies Presentation

Memories with Dad: Celebrating Connections at

“Under the Peepal Tree” Dad-Child Festival

Join us in a one-of-a-kind festival celebrating the invaluable bond between fathers and their children, set amidst nature’s grandeur. Evidence suggests that strong father-child connections pave the way for enduring relationships in adulthood. “Under the Peepal Tree” encapsulates this essence, offering fathers a golden opportunity to create lasting memories with their children.

Each year, the festival immerses participants in the rich tapestry of a chosen Indian state, igniting a sense of ethnic pride and cultural exploration. This year, we are taking you on a mesmerizing journey to the heart of royal Rajasthan. Dive deep into Rajasthan’s resplendent folk and literary culture with workshops, hands-on activities and captivating performances.

Whether you are yearning for a meaningful bonding experience, eager to uncover Rajasthan’s treasures, or both, “Under the Peepal Tree” promises unforgettable moments. Come, revel in this unique cultural festivity.

Mark your calendars and bring your little ones for a heartwarming celebration.


Engagement Details:

Rajasthan Crafted Together
Dive into the artistic world of Rajasthan with your child and mould memories in our handicraft workshops.


Royal Gallop Adventures
Embrace the thrill of Rajasthan’s royal pastimes, hobby-horsing your way through history and tradition.


Kaavad Chronicles
Journey through the enchanting tales of Rajasthan, narrated through the mesmerising Kaavad box.


Raga Rendezvous
Experience the melodic fusion of classical ragas and art, a symphony of sound and colour crafted together.


Ghodi Grooves
Tap your feet to the pulsating rhythms of the Kachchhi Ghodi Dance, a mesmerising performance of Rajasthan’s rich heritage.


Join us for an enriching cultural experience.

Age Group: 4 to 10 years

Pricing Details:

  1. Child (Age 4 years – 10 years): Rs. 1,200
    – Includes all necessary workshop materials
    – Grants access to all performances and games
    – One parent can accompany at no extra cost
  2. Additional Adult: Rs. 500
  3. Additional Child (Age below 4 years): Rs. 500


Tickets are now available.

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