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    12 January 2018 -
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An NCPA Presentation


Vismay and Between 2 Beats – Kathak by Maulik Shah, Ishira Parikh & Anart Dance Company
The renowned Kathak dancers and choreographers, Ishira Parikh and Maulik Shah along with their troupe will present Vismay and Between 2 Beats.

Wonderment –Vismay up rises as the driving force that creates an intense circle of energy. The flowing river of dance never ceases to amaze, the told and untold stories continue to inspire. A sphere in space within which rivulets of shapes and form, rhythm and music dance around creating a thick forest of beauty and awe.

Emotions, rhythm, movements and beats intuitively co-exist and co-relate in this sphere.

The distance between the two beats leads to a path to the destination which is the 1st beat – “SUM”.

B2B – a fusion of unique percussion instruments of different cultures – “Cajón” (a Spanish percussion instrument) & “MANN” (a copper pot of mannbhatt tradition of Gujarat) combined with ghunghroos create layered patterns.

Confronted with each other rhythmic dialogues emerge generating various dimension of sound.


Hum Ek Hain – Folk dances by Dr. Tushar Guha’s Nrityanjali

Hum Ek Hain is choreographed and directed by renowned dance scholar and choreographer, Guru Dr. Tushar Guha – Nrityanjali’s Founder – CMD – and is based on his 32 years of intensive research on Indian Folk Dances across Indian provinces and States.

In keeping with India’s rich tapestry, Hum Ek Hain will weave the cultural magic through Folk dances from different provinces of India, leaving the viewers with a sense of pride, unity and belonging.

Hum Ek Hain is being presented through the medium of Indian culture, music and dance. A folk dance form unique to each state of India has been selected to bring forth the cultural diversity while depicting the common occasions for celebration.

They encompass the glory of Indian dances and provide a rare amalgamation of varied folk forms from Indian States, providing a complete glimpse of India with rhythmic music and vibrant dances to enthrall the audience.

The repertoire set to 55 minutes includes Kaikottikali fromKerala, Adivasi from Tamil Nadu, Raungaboti from Odisha, Marwari dance from Rajasthan, Baul from West Bengal,  Gadwali from Uttarakhand, Baliya from Maharashtra, Dandiya from Gujarat and Hum Ek Hain  – celebrating India’s cultural diversity.

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