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  • Venue
    Tata Theatre
  • Date Time
    16 September 2023 | 6:00 pm
  • Age Limit
  • Member Price
    Rs.1,350, 1080, 900, 720 & 450/- (Plus GST)
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    Rs.1,500, 1,200, 1,000, 800 & 500/- (Plus GST)

Event Details

Hindi Play

An NCPA Presentation in collaboration with Sparsh Productions.

In the centre of Mumbai city, a two-room flat houses the play Welcome Zindagi. Three people live in the flat: the father, Arun Ganatra, the mother, Bhanu Ganatra, and the son, Vivek Ganatra. The main conflict in the play results from the father and son’s lack of communication. The son is young and is all set for a promising future while the father, Gandhi Associate’s head clerk, is close to retiring.

Arun is a hard-working clerk, trapped in his less than privileged past. Vivek, an MBA, yearns to escape his father’s drab, predictable life to create a brighter future for himself in business. Father and son communicate through Bhanu, the wife and mother. “I am the bridge between them,” she says. But later, when Vivek needs to discuss his business plans with a sceptical Arun, the bridge folds up, refusing to take the excess load of the coming conflict. Father and son now face each other. They fumble and falter and finally talk. And the conflict begins.

The conflict is not simply between generations; it is also between middle-class reality and upper-class aspiration, between the service class and the business class and between a seasoned head clerk and a fresh MBA. The play maintains considerable humour throughout, despite dealing with this delicate subject.

Writer & Director: Saumya Joshi
Cast: Jigna Vyas, Abhinay Banker & Saumya Joshi
Set Design: Saumya Joshi & Kabir Thakore
Light & Music Design: Saumya Joshi


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