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    Experimental Theatre
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    28 April 2019 | 7:45 pm-8:45 pm
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A Multi-arts Celebration of the Feminine and the Sacred

An NCPA Presentation

The Threshold
by Pallavi MD and Bindhumalini
Music Recital

28th April – 7.45 pm to 8.45 pm

The festival finale is an exciting musical dialogue between two remarkable singer-musicians. Pallavi MD and Bindhumalini memorialise the stories of women across continents and generations. Through the journeys of Hypatia, Agnodice, Kharbaoucha, Fanny Mendelssohn and the songs of Lalla, Lingamma, Neelamma, Goggavva, Sule Sunkkavva, Nina Simone and Meera, these two performers explore and celebrate the theme of gender, their vocals accentuated by the sounds of the harmonium, flute, kazoo, swarmandal, udukkai, bells, ghungroo, shakers, kartal, melodica, rainmaker and the banjo. A musical tour de force.

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