With Gurudev Tagore: East meets the West

25 Jan 2020
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Presented by the Members of Shahana Shilpi Sangha & Candenza Kantori
(Approx. 75 mins)

An NCPA Presentation

Ethnic yet contemporary, the euphoric genre of music created by Rabindranath Tagore attempted to assimilate many influences from traditional Bangla folk and devotional genres to Hindustani ragas. What is equally interesting is that some compositions also reveal a marked influence of traditional Scottish, Irish and old English tunes. In this recital, we present both versions, the original non-Indian compositions, alongside those composed by Tagore, presented by two groups of accomplished singers. Such juxtaposition is sure to elucidate the depth of Tagore’s unsurpassed creativity.

Shahana Shilpi Sangha:
Sharmila Neogi (Conductor)  
Sharoni Sen, Urmimala Roy Chowdhury, Soma Sen, Basab Bhattacharya, Tamasru Chandra & Arup Chowdhury

Candenza Kantori:
Dawn Cordo (Group leader)
Celeste Cordo, Mark Alvares, Kristen Fernandes, Christopher Carvalho, Milson Carvalho & Ronaan Roy


Box Office:  26th December for Members & 29th December for Public

Venue: Experimental Theatre
Price: Member: ₹270 & 225/-
Non-Member: ₹300 & 250/-
Saturday 25 Jan
6:30 pm
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