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If you add or subtract Zero to One, it makes no difference. But If Zero sits beside One, then lot can happen. Imagine putting a Zero before One and it devalues ONE and if you put Zero after One it increases its value by 10 times. In the city like Mumbai majority of Middle class people live same life. The play is about all these people, they all have same face, same height same clothes and same name as well; i.e. Shunya

Agadich Shunya is a poignant sarcasm through an undercurrent of reality and highlights the fact of class difference. It is all about classes and masses under one roof with a Black Humor directed by veteran Marathi Director Ravee Lakhe.

Written by Yugandhar Deshpande

Directed by Ravee Lakhe

Cast: Amol Kulkarni, Akshay Shimpi, Abhijeet Awari, Hruturaj Phadake

An Astitva & Mitee Char, Kalyan Production

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