Wild Women: A Festival of Metre, Music and Mysticism

Wild Women: A Festival of Metre, Music and Mysticism

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A Multi-arts Celebration of the Feminine and the Sacred

An NCPA Presentation

This is a subcontinent with a rich tradition of women mystics. Women who charted their own spiritual journeys and refused to lead lives of tame status quoism. Women who negotiated the obstacles and orthodoxies of their social and religious contexts, followed their own personal calling and left behind an extraordinary legacy of poetry and song. This festival invites us to celebrate these women. It celebrates the courage, the profundity and blazing dissent of their poetry, the power and passion of their song and the crazy rapture of their calling. It also celebrates the many dimensions of the female voice in sacred poetry. Wild Women is a rare event: a celebration of poetry and performance. A lit fest and performing arts fest all rolled in one.

Concept and curation: Arundhathi Subramaniam