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Mar 2014
06-Mar-2014 Looking 'Within'

Feb 2014

Jan 2014
13-Jan-2014 Experience 'Selcouth'
31-Jan-2014 Mahakavi Savarkar

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May 2015
18-May-2015 The kids' special
28-May-2015 Host a big bash

Apr 2015
01-Apr-2015 Don't Speak
06-Apr-2015 In-tune
13-Apr-2015 Child's Play
22-Apr-2015 Many shades of dance
23-Apr-2015 Colours in Dance

Mar 2015
07-Mar-2015 Of sur and Sakhi
20-Mar-2015 Change of theme

Feb 2015
01-Feb-2015 Spotlight
20-Feb-2015 For women, by women

Jan 2015

Oct 2014
03-Oct-2014 An Equal Music

Sep 2014
01-Sep-2014 Retold with Magic
06-Sep-2014 Take the Stage
08-Sep-2014 Raise the curtains

Aug 2014
01-Aug-2014 Setting the Stage
01-Aug-2014 Breaking Boundaries
03-Aug-2014 Allow it to set
08-Aug-2014 Sulemani Keeda
15-Aug-2014 Family Connections
16-Aug-2014 Performance Anxiety
21-Aug-2014 The dance of devotion
22-Aug-2014 The truth be told
22-Aug-2014 Let's Jazz things up
23-Aug-2014 Eternal Melodies
26-Aug-2014 Tuesdays with Morrie

Jul 2014
02-Jul-2014 Kuchipudi Show
14-Jul-2014 Legends in sync
15-Jul-2014 Antigone Revisited
18-Jul-2014 A tribute to legends
19-Jul-2014 Talking in Tunes
20-Jul-2014 One Poet to Another
20-Jul-2014 Ode to Othello
25-Jul-2014 Got something to say?
29-Jul-2014 The Stage of Affairs
31-Jul-2014 Local Call

Jun 2014
02-Jun-2014 Laugh out loud!!!
06-Jun-2014 Laugh out loud!
06-Jun-2014 Laugh out loud!!
07-Jun-2014 Right said Fo

May 2014
02-May-2014 I want to break free
03-May-2014 Filmy Ragas
04-May-2014 Soul Seeker
06-May-2014 The way we were
14-May-2014 Desi martial art

Apr 2014
01-Apr-2014 Love for Dance
01-Apr-2014 Maternal Bliss
04-Apr-2014 Classy Act
05-Apr-2014 Unbeatable Combo
22-Apr-2014 Happy Feet
22-Apr-2014 Circles of Love
23-Apr-2014 Dance Unlimited
27-Apr-2014 Summer Fiesta
27-Apr-2014 Dance Mama Dance

Mar 2014
03-Mar-2014 Twist in the tale
03-Mar-2014 A tale retold
07-Mar-2014 Cinema-like theatre
14-Mar-2014 Grey Area
14-Mar-2014 Anand Bhate
14-Mar-2014 Rites of Spring
15-Mar-2014 Striking a chord
28-Mar-2014 Lessons Learned
28-Mar-2014 Gandharva Swar

Feb 2014
05-Feb-2014 It's symphony season!
06-Feb-2014 SOI Concert Season
06-Feb-2014 NCPA
07-Feb-2014 A sweet symphony
07-Feb-2014 Note Worthy
10-Feb-2014 On Song
10-Feb-2014 All in the symphony
11-Feb-2014 Sistemic success
11-Feb-2014 Sound of music
11-Feb-2014 Making Music
11-Feb-2014 The sound of music
11-Feb-2014 The right note
11-Feb-2014 The master at work
13-Feb-2014 Mahakavi Savarkar
14-Feb-2014 A musical world tour
14-Feb-2014 Cineplay
16-Feb-2014 Tuned In
16-Feb-2014 Maestro in the making

Jan 2014
30-Jan-2014 Concert season starts

Dec 2013

Nov 2013
13-Nov-2013 Sufi Spirit Awakes
17-Nov-2013 First Impressions
20-Nov-2013 The Fluid Movements
20-Nov-2013 The Ecstasy of Faith
21-Nov-2013 Whirling Ecstasy
25-Nov-2013 All the drama

Sep 2013
16-Sep-2013 Attend: Chalk Talk
18-Sep-2013 Season of Symphonies