Dr. Jamshed Jahangir Bhabha (1914 - 2007), the founder and chairman of the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Mumbai, was a man with a dream: "When India will have its own Beethoven there must be a tool for him to write down and express his musical thoughts" were his words at one of the last gatherings he presided over in Mumbai 2007 when for the first time we shared with the musicians and musicologists, Automated Transcription for Indian Music (AUTRIM), a technique that we developed to look at the microscopic details of Indian music.

However, in reality, the AUTRIM system isn't quite the tool for composers à la Beethoven to provide written instructions for the performance of a piece. In Indian music, no one really wants that, because the system is strongly based on the freedom of improvisation, which is very much at odds with written instructions that have to be followed to the letter.

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