The Piramal Gallery and the Centre for Photography as an Art Form completed 25 years in 2012. The Centre was established in 1987 by the NCPA with the help of a generous grant from the Ford Foundation and the guidance of Jamshed Bhabha and Jehangir C Jehangir.

The Piramal Gallery was established as a part thereof with the help of a generous grant from Dilip Piramal. Both the Centre and the Gallery have been promoting the art of photography since their inception.

The year 2012 saw this effort receive a fillip with a range of new initiatives and activities. A diversity of photography workshops for enthusiasts and budding professionals, both general and focused on particular skills were organised. Worth special mention here is the series of Dance photography workshops that were organised to train photographers to effectively capture movement, grace and expression of different dance forms- Indian and western. Participants shot their subjects against both indoor performance spaces and the outdoor NCPA lawns.