Throughout history, many of the great pillars on which civilization has been built have relied on the philanthropic gestures of enlightened people. The NCPA relies on the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporates to ensure that it can fulfill its mission, which is of national importance in India's cultural development.

Your contributions, big or small, better the services and facilities we provide for our patrons, keep our national cultural treasures alive and dynamic and ensure the nurturing of future of creative talent in this country. Contributions on any scale are most welcome. The following list gives few ideas of how you can directly get involved with the NCPA's achievements. However, this list just provides some examples of ways to give. We recognize that giving is a personal matter, so please do come and see us in person to discuss your own requirements as a supporter of our work.

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Make A Donation

You don't have to be wealthy or famous to give. For many cultural ventures around the world, it is the modest giving of passionate supporters that ensures the day to day sustainability of an organisation. Small gifts will be acknowledged with a receipt and a letter of thanks, and in future, you will be included in invitations to various special events held at the NCPA for our regular donors.

Major Gifts

For those who would like to make a significant contribution, the following options enable you and your family to leave a lasting legacy. Here are some major gift options, suitable for both individuals, corporate and foundations.

Corporate Sponsorship

The NCPA's diverse programming allows for a wide range of opportunities for corporate to reach out to their target audiences. Our corporate partners receive many benefits for their employees and clients. Whatever the partner's target groups or marketing objectives, the NCPA can arrange tailor-made sponsorship plans.


A bequest is a gift made in a will or living trust. Bequests offer a tax-effective and flexible option for supporting good causes. They provide a fitting memorial to donors and/or their loved ones for posterity. Bequests can be made in the form or money, goods, shares or property. Someone from our Finance Department here at the NCPA will be able to discuss all the various options with you in person, so that your legacy to us is deployed as effectively as possible.