Godrej Dance Theatre

Inaugurated in 1987, with a stage that caters specially to the needs of dancers and just 177 seats, this theatre is an intimate space that gives every patron of dance a chance to observe, focus and appreciate performances to the fullest.

Jamshed Bhabha Theatre

From large format orchestras to full-scale operas, the most technically complex performances can be staged at this Proscenium theatre with a seating capacity of 1,109.

Experimental Theatre

As flexible as its name, this theatre opened in 1986 and has 264 movable seats which allow it to be configured to suit a range of events.

Little Theatre

Little by name, but certainly not by nature, this theatre plays a pivotal role in our endeavours to promote and nurture both, new talent and new audiences.

Tata Theatre

This distinctive space that can seat 1,010 is the best of both worlds. It effortlessly combines the intimate ambience of a small-scale venue with the splendour of a full scale arena.