Aayo Phagun: Splendour of the Spring

09 Mar 2018
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By Kalapini Komkali                          

Hindustani Music Recital


An NCPA Presentation

Phagun is the last month in the Hindu solar calendar. The season of basant (spring) that has already set in a month earlier, extends into phagun. Nature continues to wear a verdant look with the fragrance of fresh blossoms, birdsong and a riot of colours during Holi. Indian music, be it classical, semi-classical or folk, is replete with melodies and compositions describing life in all its aspects and capturing the varied hues of phagun. Kalapini Komkali is the daughter and disciple of legendary maestro Kumar Gandharva and Vasundhara Komkali. In this thematic presentation, she will sing a selection of songs drawn from Gandharva’s rich repertoire, to celebrate the joyousness of phagun.



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Venue: Experimental Theatre
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Friday 09 Mar
6:30 pm
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