Corporate Social Responsibility

NCPA’s overarching mission is to preserve, promote and propagate India’s rich and diverse cultural heritage besides providing a platform for the finest of international performing arts. To do this, NCPA engages in a wide gamut of activities touching almost every aspect of the performing arts space, be it curation, teaching, research, archives, libraries, and knowledge sharing of the arts. Through classes and outreach workshops and classes in schools, invaluable masterclasses with maestros, classes at the Centre, it has always endeavoured to ensure that interest in and appreciation of the performing arts is fostered, especially with the youth who are our audience and cultural ambassadors of the future.

The NCPA is a charitable organization with a governing council comprising eminent professionals and is managed by an accomplished team of performing arts experts and management professionals. The NCPA also has a dedicated CSR cell to focus on community initiatives.

As an organisation with a strong sense of social responsibility, the NCPA is deeply engaged in partnering with corporates, charitable foundations and trusts to deliver impactful CSR programs that address focus areas that are mandated in the Companies Act 2013.


Training in Indian and western music, folk dance and  theatre for children in underprivileged communities contributing to their holistic development ; support to promising talent through the Guru Shishya program, scholarships and master classes

Women empowerment

Encouraging women artistes through providing special platforms for performance opportunities in fields that are typically male dominated

Skill development

Workshops pertaining to all aspects of the performing arts including ancillary skills to enhance employability. This ranges from training for artists to upgrade their performance skills to a professional level, skill development in lighting, sound, photography, and performing arts management covering legal, marketing, finance, personality development and so on

Promotion and propagation of art and culture

Through festivals focusing on specific genres of music/dance/theatre that ensure the preservation of the rich traditions in performing arts; capacity building support for performing groups engaged in upholding dying artistic traditions and many more

We invite Corporates, Foundations and Trusts to work with the NCPA for fulfilment of their CSR mandate

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