Chinta Chhod Chintamani

15 Aug 2019
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Hindi Play (120 mins)


This is the story of a family where the father thinks his progenies are standing on the threshold of total ruination. They are wallowing in self-indulgence and their destiny is leading them to an inevitable fall. On the other hand, the children think this is nothing but a generation gap, and the old man is unable to understand the situation. Is it really a generation gap or a case of miscommunication? If it is really a case of generation gap then who will bridge the gap? Chinta Chhod Chintamani is a hilarious family drama commenting on the contemporary social scenario.

Written by Dr. Vasant Kanetkar
Designed & Directed by Om Katare
Cast: Om Katare, Mukesh Yadav, Puneet Maloo, Jaya Ojha, Mukund Bhatt, Ashok Sharma & others

A Yatri Production


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Venue: Experimental Theatre
Price: Member: ₹ 630 & 450/- (Plus GST)
Non-Member: ₹ 700 & 500/- (Plus GST)
Thursday 15 Aug
7:00 pm
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