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    20 January 2017 -


In collaboration with Indian Musicological Society

The seminar will be inaugurated by Dr. Pappu Venugopal Rao, a well-known musicologist. From ancient times, the Indian subcontinent has had an abundance of various types of instruments: strings (tat), winds (sushir), solids (ghan) and covered-percussion (avanaddh). While some instruments like flute and mridangam have survived the test of the time, others like ektantri veena, mattkokila etc. have either gone out of vogue or undergone substantial change, and yet others like violin, mandolin etc., have been adopted from other traditions. In the past couple of decades, we have also experienced a rise of electronic instruments. This seminar will focus on the evolution of instruments from the ancient to modern period. The panelists will include instrumentalists and musicologists: Brij Narayan, Nityanand Haldipur, Sadanand Naimpalli, Sriram Parsuram, Suneera Kasliwal Vyas, Phil Scarf, Snehal Muzoomdar, Piyal Bhattacharya, Suvir Mishra, Balaji and Suvarnalata Rao.

Admission on a first-come-first-served basis. For more information contact Gracy Fernandes on 26874785.

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