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    28 November 2018 -


Santhal Family to Mill Re-Call

English, Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Manipuri, Punjabi with English Subtitles (100 mins)

In collaboration with the Cinema Collective

The legendary artist, Ramkinkar Baij (1904-84), experimented with a wide range of formal approaches to evolve his practice in sculpture and painting. Among his many great works, ‘Santhal Family’ and ‘Mill Call’ are considered landmarks of modern Indian sculpture. Vivan Sundaram is a contemporary artist who uses found objects to builds up large installations. In collaboration with theatre practitioners, writers and artists, Vivan Sundaram conceives 409 RAMKINKARS, a project in which many of the sculptures and paintings by Ramkinkar Baij are recreated using diverse materials by Vivan Sundaram with a team of artists and students. Theatre directors  Anuradha Kapur,  Santanu Bose,  Aditee Biswas and Deepan Sivaraman, with 30 professional actors,  associates and technicians, conceptualise a promenade theatre. The script is by Belinder Dhanoa. Santhal Family to Mill Re-Call is a film based on the process, performance and exhibition of 409 RAMKINKARS. It won the Best Long Documentary Award at the Mumbai International Film Festival 2018.

Photographed, Edited & Directed by R.V. Ramani

Produced by Vivadi Collective

Screening will be followed by an interactive session with R.V. Ramani.


Admission on a first-come-first-served basis. NCPA members will get preferential seating till 6.20 pm

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