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    24 February 2019 -
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An NCPA Presentation

Sufiana Songs
by Salim, Sulaiman and Rajasthani Folk Singers
(Approx. 90 mins)

In collaboration with Sahachari Foundation Events
Main Sponsor: JSW Group
Associate Sponsor:  Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL)

The core idea of love, longing and union with the beloved, as espoused in the Sufi songs has an evergreen appeal with people from all walks of  life, transcending the man-made boundaries of region, religion, caste and creed. Today, besides the traditional repertoire, a large number of songs are sung under the Sufi label. These compositions show a marked influence of contemporary idioms and expressions, and are widely popular with the masses. Having scored music for over 100 films, Salim and Sulaiman are among the most popular composers today. With varied influences from cinema, folk, Sufi and electronica, their work has an eclectic ethos. The duo has enthralled audiences across the world with their live concerts. In this presentation, they will showcase a bouquet of sufiana songs from the traditional repertoire as well as from Bollywood and independent albums. The ensemble will also feature a few folk musicians from Rajasthan, a region that is rich in poetic folklore composed by several Punjabi and Sindhi Sufi saints.


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